SpoutCam 2.029 release

Changes for this release -
SSE conversion of rgba to rgb for higher performance.
Timing tests show more than twice as fast per frame.

Download here

im getting this…

OK. I get no errors. Presumably there is no error for “SpoutCam64.ax”.

It looks like a problem with Administrator privileges. Does the “SpoutCamSettings.exe” icon show a little shield in it?

  • Go into "SPOUTCAM\SpoutCam32"
  • RH click “_register_run_as_admin.bat” and choose “Run as administrator”

What do you get?

It could also be UAC settings or anti-virus software. Disable UAC if you can. But let’s see if the manual method above works for you. I tried it and get no error.

Try this version.
I have elevated SpoutCamSettings program permissions and added a log file to trace errors. The logfile can be found at “%appdata%\Roaming\Spout\SpoutCamSettings.log”.

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