Sprout and Winamp and OBS

Hello, I have followed the directs as far as I can tell. Sprout2 Capture now appears in OBS however winamp is not showing up as a valid source option (Sprout Sender).

When I looked in my winamp plugins folder there already was a "vis-milk2.dl"l file in there (version

However the vis-milk2.dll is not to be found on GitHub when I do a search, as per the Sprout 2007 readme file. I did find what looks like the exact version number (version of the dll here: How to Repair Vis_milk2.dll (Free Download).

I did much searching on the web and to no avail. Really appreciate any assistance!

Hi @Nokturnal

the Milkdrop plugin is discontinued because it no longer compiles with Visual Studio. There is a much better alternative now “NestDrop”. But if you still want to use Winamp, you can download the plugin here.

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Wow thank you for such a speedy and helpful reply!.