Cathodemer Users? I Get Only A Black Screen Using Spout

So I searched the whole forum for “cathodemer” and found nothing. So here’s this.
I recently purchased Cathodemer, an analog video synth and CRT emulator. Very cool and fun.
It has the ability (allegedly) to output to Spout (or VRAM share or NDI) and the “manual” says you’ll probably get smoother playback and output using Spout rather than the in-built renderer screen. So of course I dutifully installed Spout.
So when I try to use Spout output, the receiver SAYS it has a connection to Cathodemer, but I only get a black screen. This is true with both the “test” receiver app that comes with Spout and OBS, for which I installed a plugin. I know Spout itself is working, because NestDrop successfully sends video to both of those.

I have contacted Cathodemer’s developer, but no response as yet. I’m not even sure it’s still under active development. But even if it never gets another update it’s totally worth the 20 bucks.
I actually DO get decent smooth output when recording, even tho the video monitor is skippy and laggy. So at least there’s that.

I did have a version of Cathodemer some years back but can’t find it now and there doesn’t seem to be a demo version so I can’t try to reproduce. Presumably the Spout demo sender/receiver work together. NestDrop is DirectX rather than OpenGL, so that’s a clue if nothing else works.

The immediate question is - what is your graphics hardware? It’s best to describe that here first. Then SpoutSettings has a “Diagnostics” button that you can use to copy/paste the results.

I note that the last update was on 14.04.2020 after a major 64 bit update, so it seems to be in active development.

Of course. Hardware. I know that LOL sorry.
AMD FX6300
Radeon RX580 w/8 gigs VRAM
16 gigs DDR3 1333 RAM
Win 7 64-bit pro

Output of SpoutSettings Diagnostics:

DirectX 11 device available
Primary adapter : ATI Technologies Inc.
Radeon RX 580 Series (Display) :
Desktop system detected
NV_DX_interop extensions available
OpenGL/DX11 texture sharing succeeded
Compatible for OpenGL texture sharing

To start with, I discovered a mistake with the Spout download link which opens at the first 2.007 release and not the latest which is 2.007c if you scroll to the top. That’s the one you need if you didn’t find it. Sorry for the error. Just unzip and run SpoutSettings again. Use the updated demo programs.

There have been recent reports of problems with Radeon graphics recently even though SpoutSettings shows compatible. Is this indeed a desktop machine? (diagnostics don’t have to be right).

The Spout demo Sender and receiver are OpenGL. Do they work together?

Do you see anything about “CPU” sharing displayed in the window? Click “Help > About”. It should report the same as SpoutSettings.

Is the Spout demo sender received into OBS?

Do you use any other software with Spout output? If so, do they send and receive OK with the Spout demo programs?

There is a new “CPU” diagnostic option in SpoutSettings you can try. Check it on. Is Cathodemer received with the demo Spout receiver? Is the Spout demo sender still received by OBS? Check it off again after the test.

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Okay. I DLed and installed that new version. Thanks :smiley:
The demo sender and receiver talk to each other just fine. OBS also receives the demo sender just fine.
I also have NestDrop which can send Spout. That also works fine with both OBS and the demo receiver.
CPU sharing didn’t work, nor did “randomly” enabling and disabling the other options.
I’m pretty sure the issue here is with Cathodemer.
Mostly I’m hoping beyond hope to find someone else here who uses Cathodemer and is able to get Spout to work.
Like I said, I’ve emailed its creator. No word back yet.

I get from this that your hardware is working fine for OpenGL. The CPU test isn’t guaranteed but it’s something to try. So bad luck, we strike out there.

I do notice that you are using Windows 7. As time goes on it’s harder for developers to maintain compatibility. That goes for Spout as well as Cathodemer.

But, there is one more thing you should do, and that is change the OpenGL Spout sender.

I recommend the Magic Music Visuals demo version because it 's light, powerful and easy to use. You can also try Resolume. That takes a little more to be familiar with, but it will give you a Spout output to test.

If this narrows it down to Cathodemer, I am happy to test it out here.