Frame Drops and GPU Usage Dip When Switching Scenes in Resolume via Spout from TouchDesigner

Hello everyone,

I am currently dealing with a challenging issue where the frame rate unexpectedly drops during scene transitions while I’m transmitting video from TouchDesigner to Resolume using Spout. Alongside this, I observe a significant decline in GPU usage, although it does not drop to 0%. This decline seems to be associated with the frame rate issue.

I’ve configured my NVIDIA Control Panel settings for Resolume to ensure optimal performance, designating the application to use the high-performance NVIDIA processor and with vertical sync enabled. Additionally, in SpoutSettings, the ‘Auto share’ for OpenGL graphics compatibility is activated, and the NVIDIA processor is set to ‘Auto select’, with threaded optimization on ‘Auto’ as well.

Despite these settings, I continue to experience this problem with frame rate during scene changes. Screenshots of both the NVIDIA Control Panel settings for Resolume and the SpoutSettings have been included for reference. I’m seeking any insights or suggestions on what might be causing these frame rate drops and how I might stabilize GPU usage and frame rate during the scene transitions.

Any advice or recommendations from the community would be incredibly valuable.

Thank you!

A thousand apologies for not finding this earlier. You post was rejected as being "typed too fast, and the screenshots did not come through. Perhaps you have resolved this already.

Nvidia “Threaded Optimization” can cause frame rate issues. In SpoutSettings, select “Off” rather than “Auto” and also select “High performance”. Check that both Resolume and Touchdesigner are not registered with Windows graphics preference.

Decline in GPU usage could be a clue to what is happening. You might seek advice from the TouchDesigner or Resolume forums.

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Thank you!I have found this solution on the touchdesigner forum. Appreciate it!