How to remove Spout to NDI Text Overlay and RH Click not working


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I’m running Spout to NDI on Windows 10, capturing the output from Magic.

For some reason I can get rid of the text overlay in the left hand window, and RH Click doesn’t work either.

Any ideas what to do?

Many thanks


P.S. Discourse is really good. I run a couple of forums and this is defo the way to go :slight_smile:

Lynn did a native Magic to NDi addon, so Spout to NDI is not needed :

Yes this group is brand new but the notification works just fine. It’s good to know your experience with Discourse. I hope this works out for everybody. A new website will be soon but there are a few things to sort out yet.

The Spout to NDI programs are very simple Openframeworks applications, so I have not spent any time giving options for removing status, show on top etc… You can’t get rid of the overlay. I could put in the option if this is important for your work.

As Damien says, there are modules for Magic that will do the job instead. The current version is for NDI 4.0. Update to 4.5 is on the list. Meanwhile they are fully compatible.

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I’ll need to have a play around with the MagicNDI stuff. I copied the precomiled file into the x64 directory with the Magic program file, but no luck. I had it working briefly but not working now.

Do I need the Magic MDK file for the precomiled module files?

Also @spout, I’m interested to understand a use case where you would want the text overlay on? I’m pretty new to NDI and rtmp and the rest so am probably missing something.

Just as a bit of background, I run a DIY Electro Open Mic night on a Thursday evening which goes out on FB and YT. I’ve got an rtmp server setup on AWS which people stream into, then I grab the streams from there and collate it into a show.

I’m also trying to get people into Magic so they can add a bit more interest to their streams, hence how I’ve ended up here :slight_smile:


With the current release version 1.009 you have to copy the NDI dll file (Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll) to the folder containing Magic.exe, but the modules themselves can be somewhere else. Copy them into some convenient folder and let Magic know where they are with Help > Additional module folders. You don’t need the Magic MDK file, that’s just used for compiling.

I suppose there is no particular use case to need the text overlay. It’s just a help to see what is happening. But I do understand that it could be one of those annoying things, so in the next version I will include an option to remove it.

I think it’s a bit early here to see your live stream but I will take a look at your videos.

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Sorted! Got the it working from Magic to OBS now via that module. Plus there’s no text overlay so it’s exactly what I was after. Thanks :slight_smile:

OK good. I will update those modules all in good time.

I saw some discussion about including audio. I tried using wireless and came across all sorts of sync problems. I have no suitable testing setup so will leave that aside for now.

I forgot to answer your question about no RH click response. This depends on Spout installation or the required program “SpoutPanel.exe” is not found. To make the Spout to NDI programs independent I will include it in the distribution.

For me, I would rather route the audio separately. The less processing that goes through the better. I might take a feed into Magic, but I wouldn’t bring it back into the audio path again. I might delay the signal a bit to keep everything in sync.

Sync is the issue. NDISyphon has audio but I have never tried it. I found all sorts of problems and can’t reproduce it. If you can handle audio separately, that’s a good solution.