How to use Spout with VIOSO 6

Hello, I work for VIOSO but i’m unfamiliar with Spout and trying to support a customer who is having difficulty getting the live input to work with Spout. Can anyone give me a step by step on how to correctly setup Spout so it works with VIOSO 6?

I downloaded Vioso 6 demo to test this and went through the registration and activation but the application freezes with a Vioso logo.

The last email record I have for contact with Vioso is 2016, and I do not know what Spout updates have been applied since then. Even so, the 2016 code should still work with applications using the the present Spout SDK or libraries.

Here is the step-by-step to make sure Spout is working correctly :

  1. Follow the instructions here to download the spout applications.
  2. It is important to run “SpoutSettings” at least once to establish registry settings. Click “Reset” and then OK to save the default settings.
  3. Run the demo sender, then the demo receiver. The receiver should show the output of the sender.

If these two programs work together, Vioso should also receive the demo sender.

A common problem occurs with laptops and dual power saving graphics. Make sure all applications are set to prefer “High performance”. SpoutSettings can be used to access Windows Graphics Settings.