I keep getting NullPointerException

I keep running the example code of the SpoutReceiver into processing 4 but I keep getting this message in the console “NullPointerException” can somebody help me with this. And the window says at the same time that is not responding. btw im trying to output a Touchdesigner window using Spout out

I can see the spout output panel in the spout panel. In other programs like resolume arena I can import the spout input from touchdesigner. But when I even run into the spout demo reveiver its black

Sorry for the late reply.
I installed the latest version of TouchDesigner (2022.33910) and can successfully receive the jellybean image from NewProject.1.toe with the Processing receiver (library version and with the demo Spout receiver.
From the Spout demo receiver, right click to bring up the sender selection dialog, click on the texture details to bring up the diagnostics, then click “Copy” and paste the result here.
Click “Logs” and find “Spout Demo Receiver.log”. This should show details of the error. Again you can copy and paste the file contents here.

This shows an error with the “OpenSharedResource” function which can crash if the sender shared texture handle has been created using a different graphics adapter. If the system is a laptop with dual “Optimus” power saving graphics, this could be the cause.

To ensure that all applications are using the RTX 3050, open “SpoutSettings” and select “High performance” for the Optimus global processor.

Click on “Graphics performance preferences” to find out whether TouchDesigner ot Processing have individual Windows graphics preferences. If so, they should be set to “High performance”. If power consumption is an issue, you can set individual applications for high performance or power saving. These will over-ride Nvidia settings.

Also open the Nvidia control panel to check whether TouchDesigner or Processing have application profiles. If so, make sure the settings are for high performance.

Thank you so much <33. Now its working u saved me tons of time

Could I ask. Did you solve it with Nvidia settings or with Windows settings.