Meet spout DirectX/OpenGL interop

Greetings everyone!

I have a window 10 need to run a application create by processing.
After the processing run, we need to send the signal to mad mapping by SPOUT.
The whole thing is make for a event. So it require a auto startup.

The flow run good by manually open.
But every time open with Auto StartUp
It slows alert "spout DirectX/OpenGL interop "
and the processing is crash.

Will tried so many way like delay open.
Still not working.

Need Help!

Hi @weedz316

I need to reproduce your problem to investigate it.

I presume that you have created a batch file that activates “processing-java.exe” with your sketch and have added the batch file to the programs that run at Startup. Is that correct?

Is this a laptop with “Optimus” dual Intel/Nvidia graphics ?

If your system has Optimus graphics, I think this could be the problem.

As you know, each program can be set up to use the NVIDIA or Intel processor. For a Processing sketch this would be Processing.exe. If you are using a batch file and processing-java.exe instead, this might not be set up to use the NVIDIA processor.

Probably the easiest way is to export the sketch as an executable and set up a profile for it using the NVIDIA control panel. Then add this executable to your startup programs. I can successfully auto-start an exported sketch this way.

It is also possible that the executable starts too early, before the driver has finished loading. Although your delay should resolve this.

That’s about all I can suggest without knowing more details.