How can I project a webview onto Resolume?

I want to use Electron to create an app
that can input a website URL, and then push the content of this webview to Resolume through Spout. I don’t know how to develop this, can anyone help me?

Hello @oba.ou

it’s possible that somebody has explored using Electron in this way, but I am not aware of any existing solutions.

Quite a while back there were some attempts to add Spout functions to “Awesomium” and now Ultralight replaces that. There is potential I think, but I have not explored it.

Generally, Spout supports OpenGL or DirectX textures and so if there is any point within your application where there is such a texture, you might be able to use it for Spout output. Although it’s not directly what you want, screen capture might give you something to work with.